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    Unanswered: Urgent help is needed

    I have database is set up as UTF-8

    Hi !

    I have w2k server running oracle client and NLS_LANG in the registry is set to AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8ISO8859P1

    I would like to change registry key to AMERICAN_AMERICA.UTF8

    To avoid potential problems in the future ( since a lot .asp applications are already setup on the same server ) i would like to convert database.

    Here is what i was thinking to do
    1) While registry is set WE8ISO8859P do a full export
    2) Change registry to UTF8 and so import.

    But i am getting the following error:
    IMP-00016: required character set conversion (type 31 to 871) not supported
    IMP-00000: Import terminated unsuccessfully

    Is it possible do do it at all ?
    Do you have any other ideas how to "migrate" registry key from one value into another and do not brake other applications ?

    Please reply if you have such experience,

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    If I understand you correctly your database is setup as UTF8 then you dont need to import and export as the data is already UTF8. You just need to change the NLS_LANG on your client machine and that should be it.

    If however you have a database in WE8ISO8859P1 and you want to copy the data into a UTF8 database set the environment variable NLS_LANG to AMERICAN_AMERICA.UTF8, do the export and then import it into your utf8 database


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