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    Unanswered: SqlWindows (Centura 3.0) connection with NCR's Teradata

    Hi all,
    I don't know if this is the place to go for help, but here goes.
    Recently in my workplace, we are undergoing a migration of OS from Win98 to WinXP.
    We have online applications (SqlWindows, Centura 3.0) that interacts with our backend server (Teradata) through ODBC connection 32 (bit).
    In WIn98, the connection to the database was fine. Speed for a connection when an application first load up takes ~ 3 secs.
    In WinXP, the connection took ~15 secs.
    We were puzzled by the long time taken by WinXP.

    Everything else works great, just for the login time, which infuriates most of the users.

    In the midst of resolving, we have created a simple Excel application to perform a simple connection to Teradata and it got connected in ~4 secs. So, in this case, we can somehow pinpoint the issue to Centura 3.0

    I was wondering if anyone out there faces this problem and how you go about resolving it. Any help is deeply appreciated.

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    Hi, turns out that if it is more of an WinXP problem.
    It seems that if i placed the SqlWindows runtime locally on each client, then the issue is resolved.

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