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    Angry Unanswered: ControlSource property

    I'm using the ControlSource property to set the control source of an unbound text box:

    If Me!Text34 = "P4" Then

    Me!Text49.ControlSource = "ITEM_MASTER_5.PRICE4" 'MED

    This works fine, but when the form is closed it looks like the controlsource is defaulting back to the unbound state. When the form is reopened, the data is gone.

    Is anyone familiar with this? Is there a way to permanently set the controlsource property?

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    As you are using a conditional statement you could use an imediate if

    Text49.ControlSource=iif(Text34 = "P4","ITEM_MASTER_5.PRICE4" 'MED,"")
    or something like this

    You should consider not using Text34 and such for naming text boxes. A good thing to do would be to name things what they are or what they do.

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