Hi, I just completed a simple database for stat tracking.
Haven't really touched Access in 5 years but made it along well enough using textbooks and this forum's search utility.

I am basicly trying to set the database up now so that anyone can go into it and use my forms to enter data, run the queries I created and produce the reports I have layed out. I still would like control to manipulate the database as needed.

I would like it to open on the main form for the users. Everything can be accessed through this form.

I would like not to have a password screen come up if possible. If I can't do it this way, I'd prefer to have just 2 accounts, an "admin" account with full creation/modification/addition/deletion priveleges and an "operator" account for the users.

Can someone walk me through this? I don't want to end up locking the database from myself <------ yikes !!!