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    Unhappy Unanswered: DB2 certification...

    Hi Bros n Siss,
    I am a Java Programmer. I am interested in DB2. So planning for certifiaction. What are the things I have to do to prepare for the exam 700. and 701. I have downloaded most of the books from RedBooks. and got good info from the certifiactions site. But How to start the preparation? Is reading books enough for preparing the exams?
    I just have a PC? Is there any version available outthere for installing on PC and prepare for the certifications? Please letme know what else I have to do to prepare quickly.
    Also is it possible to get certified with in a month, of course with good knowledge of the subject lah.?please help me.

    Anil Kumar Bommareddy

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    Hi Anil,

    Yes the books are good and they will help you. You can download a trial edition of DB2 Personal Edition from the website and that will help.

    You basically need some practise and also you can practise the sample tests from

    Please also search the forum for help on certification and I am sure you will get many more tips. Also refer to the useful stuff thread in the forum.


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