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    Unanswered: how to dump .xls data in to oracle tables ???

    hi all,
    can anyone please help me out to dump excel sheet data into oracle tables........there is a large amount of data and manually doing the same would kill me !!!!!!!!
    please find a way out.....
    thanx in advance.......

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    Re: how to dump .xls data in to oracle tables ???

    try doing the following
    (1) Try to save the file in csv comma separaetd values and try importing thru SQL loader

    (2) Import the excel data into access database and try exporting it from there using odbc datasources

    hope this should work

    with regards

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    Well to manually import data from a CSV file into a database such as Access you could get into the database, import the file into a new table, and then run an append query.

    If everything is online then let the CSV file be a recordset that you go through record by record to read and let the regular database table be a recordset to go through record by record to write. You could delete all the related records in the regular database first and then add them all back one by one.
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