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    Unanswered: Recover down chunks

    hello all,

    I have cloned our production server, system and database, to another server for testing (back-up and restore, disaster recovery).

    But when I try to bring up the database, there are some chunks that are part of an SAP dbspace that are down. How do I manually recover down chunks?

    System is AIX 4.3.3 and Informix 7.31

    thank you.

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    Are those chunks really down. See with 'onstat -d' or are the inconsistent. (PI = Inconsistent, PD = Down).

    Normally after a restore chunks should come online. You can't force them online easily. Normally you also don't want to, because there is a reason why they are down.

    If they are inconsistent then maybe you need to restore logical log's. Everything depends on the method of backup and restore (command and options)


    Rob Prop

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