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    Unanswered: crystal report multillingual support

    How to implement multilingual support in crystal report??????????

    Whenever we are using ASP.NET for our web application and crystal report in it.And we want to provide mutilingual facility for languages like English and french.

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    We are using CR9 in our PC-Duo Enterprise Console, which is being localised now. Our reports were originally developed in older versions of Crystal and have been converted to CR9. There are two separate problems here.

    Firstly, I don't know of any way to localise the contents of the reports, so we have some in-house-developed tools that are used to take the strings out of the English reports, for example, and replace them with localised strings for the other languages. This means we have separate sets of report files for each target language (that's English, French, German, and Spanish at present).

    Secondly, you need a localised Crystal 9 run-time installation plus any appropriate licences. We have developer licences for the above languages, so we are allowed to ship the parts of the CR9 runtime that we need. Some parts require end-user licences.

    Crystal provide run-time merge modules for the supported languages. Apart from being big, we have not been able to include more than one language in any one MSI. There seem to be some incompatibilities between them (such as inappropriate language codes).

    I have actually built a multi-language Enterprise Console Setup using InstallShield DevStudio 9, but I've had to take the CR9 merge modules apart and select the files I want. That took some reading between the lines in RUNTIME.CHM (and fixing the mistakes $;-). This is quite a bit smaller - my multi-language kit is smaller than a single language MSI, for example!

    Hope that helps,

    David Briggs
    Technology Director
    Vector Networks Ltd.

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