hi there,

we canīt open most of the sql server tables from our Access
project any more, which has to be related to collation or
extended property problems.

trying to open any table will result in the information
"The stored procedure executed successfully but did not return
any records" after the first try
and later on nothing will happen any more; tables wonīt

basically this started to happen after recreating the sql
database due to resolution 1 in Microsoft Knowledge Base
Article - 318989:
collation of the server is Latin1_General_CI_AS collation of the old database was
SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS, which led to the error
described in the article.
collation of the new database is set to <Database
Standard>, now we have the problems described above.

anybody some good help on that?

ps: we canīt really rebuild the user database all the
time, because we got flight data in about 4 billion
records in there, so we will need anything quick and