Hi all

A test system i have set up is a vb.net client connecting to SQL Server 2k located on the same LAN (sql server is installed on a win 2k PC)

Basically when the system goes live we will have SQL Server 2k on a proper server (with win server 03 ) on the WAN with clients from various locations using it as an Application Server.

As i've not really had any experience with setting up a Server i could do with some info, specifically concerning the setup of the Windows User Accounts.

With the test system (peer to peer remember) i have simply created logins for each of the Users with the same username and password as their PC (win98, 2k, XP) and this works fine. i.e no need to manually supply a Windows Username and password.

How will this work with Windows Server? Obviously since i want to use it as an Application Server i don't want to map any drives to the users P.C (i'm using the servers IP address in the vb connection string). So how do i set up the User Accounts to recognise the connection? a similar way to the peer to peer setup? or am i going to have to specify a domain for each of the users?

Maybe i shouldn't have slept through all those networking lectures at Uni, as i haven't a clue! Help!!