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    Wink Unanswered: Need a little help with mySQL

    I have made a website (for an online shop) with will works with an database. I have downloaded a free Shoppingscript that wordks with an database. So I have asked my serverprovider to enable mysql on the server.

    So he did and I have the information (server, username, password). The problem is that the script (PHP4) can't connect to the server (access denied wrong username, password) but I have asked my provider and he says that the information is correct???

    To try an different way I have downloaded a little program that can connect to my database but this program also failed to???

    What am I doing wrond?

    This is what filled in:
    databasename: cschuren
    username cschuren
    passw.: *******
    Portnumber: I don't know

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    There are a lot of possible problems, my first guess is that the port number either isn't correct (both the MySQL server and the machine trying to connect to MySQL have to use the same port number). My second guess is that the WebHost's firewall doesn't permit IP traffic on that port.

    There are lots of other possible problems, but these are where I'd look first.


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