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    Unanswered: what's the different between UC8, TC8, TC2E1 etc.

    I'd like to know the difference (and significance) between the keywords UC8, TC1, TC8, and TC2E1 used in the Informix Database Server name.

    Specifically, I use the Informix JDBC driver to retrieve the Informix Server name via the following code:

    java.sql.DatabaseMetaData mdata = conn.getMetaData();
    String name = mdata.getDatabaseProductName();

    Here are the various names I get returned when connecting to various Informix servers:

    Informix-Online 7.30.UC8
    Informix Universal Server 9.14.TC8
    Informix Dynamic Server 9.30.TC1
    Informix Dynamic Server 9.40.TC2E1

    Specifically, I want to know what the last bits mean?

    I'm guessing UC8 stands for Unicode ????

    thanks in advance
    - Garry

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    The last portion of the version number specifies the platform and patch level.

    The first character stands for:
    U = Unix/Linux 32-bit
    F = Unix/Linux 64-bit
    H = Hybrid. Unix 64-bit, IDS 32-bit (only HP needs this as far as I know, the other platforms can use the U version)
    T = WinNT/2000/XP/2003

    Old (obsolete) ones:
    W = Win 3.11/95/098/ME
    N = Novell
    D = Dos

    The second character C meams commercial release, A = Aplha, B = Beta. Sometimes when the patch level gets high they just contunue with D1.

    The number specifies the patch level. If there is a string aftyer the patch level (9.30.UC2W8 fro example then the W8 means an intermedite patch/bug fix which did not went through the full QA path)

    I hope this helps, so no GLS info in here, just version and platform info.

    Rob Prop

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    Excellent feedback. Thanks Rob.

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