Hi everyone!

I would like to ask acouple of questions about a project I got in mind.

I would like to create a Java client built with Swing components to represent information in a GUI fashion. The data will need to be drawn out from an Informix dynamic Server 9.21 DB on a Blade 100 using Sun os 5.8.

I have the JDBC driver available therefore I think I do have all the necessary software to create and connect to the DB via a windows client(or not!).

Do I require any other software to be installed on the server side to get a a connection and retreive data ?

I know that a "sessionless" unix account has to be created and privileges granted to that user on the DB. Do I require anything else ? do I need to change or add anything in the /etc/hosts file on the server? Do I need to create this file on the Windows client with the server information ?

Thanks in advance