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    Unanswered: Access Denied :(


    Im working on executing an executable from an asp page. Im using the ASPExec.dll and I've registered it. I've also made the WWWP service active to the desktop.. Here is my code... Any idea why Im getting access denied?

    note: the exe works I can execute it from the command line.

    Interconnect.exe takes two parameters, a number sequence and a zip file.

    Set Executor = Server.CreateObject("ASPExec.Execute")
      Executor.Application = "cmd /c C:\Interconnect.exe 123459"
      Executor.Parameters = ""
      strResult = Executor.ExecuteDosApp
      Response.Write "<pre>" & strResult & "</pre>"

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    Re: Access Denied :(

    No need to respond... I figured it out..

    I had to give permission to IUSR and IWAM for the .exe

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