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    Unanswered: Displaying a Report on a form

    Okay I have a form and at the bottom of this form i want a report to display as a subreport. It won't let me use a subreport on a form. It only will let me use a subform. It there any way to do this? I don't want to use a subform because the report is formatted exactly how i want to display it. Any suggestions?


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    Forms are based upon a single record source. You essentially want to add two or more. The only way to do this is with a union query. Both queries need to return the same # of fields. If different you'll get an error (I recall?), you could use dummy fields and fill them with a "0" or other appropriate data based upon type of field (text, num, etc). You would probably need to use a continuous form, too. So, if you wanted empty rows between forms you'd have to fill the bottom of the first table.

    I have done something like this to create a table of subtotals where I had about 6 different queries unioned as I wanted.

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