I am new to btrieve, and don't know what I need to install to access btrieve data files.

I have to first reverse engineer a btrieve file that has no ddfs, then I have to be able to recreate the file and add records to it. There may be ddf files around, but the client doesnt know where they are and they might have a non std extension.

A lot of tools I see talk about a series of btrieve dll's, but I can't find a website that says "btrieve client for all versions". Also people talk about pervasive and I don't know if pervasive and btrieve are the same thing or were the same thing and if they are still compatible.

Also I see a lot of talk about different versions of btrieve not being compatible with each other. I don't know what version of btrieve my file is, but if I had to guess, I'd say its is an older format. I would say at least 3 or 4 years.

SO what do I DO?

Thanks in adcance!

- John