What's a "DATA BASE", and its purpose?

PLEASE, HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

You can email me at "df-newcreature@excite.com", and yes I have been out of the system for quite a while, Cemenary Trainning (out of society)if there is a need to know for at least a quater of a century. I solicit help from all who are willing to assist me in furthering my knowledge and understanding of the computer industry (covering networking to internet and everything else). Train/teach me as though I were a child trying to learn something new he doesn't understand. For those who may be saying go to school or take some class/courses, I am, but at the same time I can learn a great deal from you who have HANDS-ON, as well as my finaces will not permit an increase in academics in this field. If you will allow me to bring to this table my questions every now and then, your blessings for the assistance you give far out weigh that which is render to me or even someone else. I thank you in advance for all that you will offer now and in the future.