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    Unanswered: C declaration I just dont understand

    static LSXUniString gCommonErrors[LAST_COMMON_ERROR - FIRST_COMMON_ERROR + 1]=
    L"LSXCommon:Array of objects expected.",
    L"This array must contain objects all of or derived from type: ",
    L"LSXCommonate expected.",
    L"LSXCommon:Boolean expected.",
    L"LSXCommontring array properties must be set to dynamic length arrays of dynamic length strings.",

    Im guessing that means depending on what LAST_COMMON_ERROR - FIRST_COMMON_ERROR + 1 comes up with (pretty sure it will always be 1-5) it will get the corresponding message. So if LAST_COMMON_ERROR - FIRST_COMMON_ERROR + 1 = 2 it gets "This array must contain objects all of or derived from type: "

    but what is the syntax?? I've never seen the L"Some String" thing. I need to cast that string to another type of string and cant figure out the syntax, it keeps kicking back errors if I change it in any way.

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    For anyone curious the "L" was a datatype that I cant look at. It was defined in some comments in another field. Its some sort of string it was casting it to.

    Sorry for the random post.

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