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    Question Unanswered: Link Tables from Oracle Error

    Hello people:
    I use OMWB to migrate an application from MS Access to Oracle but I do not modify the application with it.

    I linked all the oracle table into the application and make all the modifications in the reports and modules to see the linked tables.

    All these steps were doing in a PC with Oracle9i and Windows XP. It works great.

    Now I exported the structure of the Database into the production server which has Linux and Oracle9i. The export step works ok.

    But I have to re-link the table into the MS Access to use the other DNS in the ODBC (which is from Oracle). But when I try to link the tables from the Oracle in the new server, The MS Access send an error.

    The file is attached.

    If someone can help me I will appreciate it.

    Tks a lot, Abdel
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