Hi all,

Here's my problem.

First I have never worked with transferring data from Word to Access or vice-versa.

I am working on an Access Database for a Literary Journal. The users are going to add data such as short stories, poetry, essays, etc..., into the database along with the author's name and title of the piece and few other things that aren't relevant to this question.

After the information is entered into the database I need to put the data in Word so that they can view it and get it ready for Printing. The problem I am having is that the Short Stories and Essay pieces need to be formatted a certain way in Word in order to ship to the printing company. For instance First Line Indent - .05", even and odd pages need to be formatted differently to allow space for the wire binding holding the book together. Titles need to be bold, Author names Italicized, all new pieces must start on a new page, and other rules.

I need to know how I can get the data formatted automatically and correctly inside word as it is transferred from Access. What I have been noticing is when I Publish it into Word through a Report in Access and then I try to format it everything gets screwy. Sometimes the first line is considered every line or every other line is indented or is indented 1" instead.

My intent for this part of the project is when the user adds the pieces into the database they can click a preview button in an Access form which will open the document in Word formatted to the specifics that are needed.

Any help or general information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,