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    Unanswered: Accessor is not a parameter accessor

    Can anybody has clue to answer this question ?

    Iam developing application with backend oracle 8.1.7 and VB6.Today i encountered strange
    error which i never seen.I know where is it comming from.It worked fine still 31st March.
    Today morning I encountered this error while retrievening data from sales invoice details.
    The error is occuring only for the records which are entered into the database today only.
    Because When check from back end Instead of inserting 01-04-2004 .It is inserted as 20-APR-01.
    From Vb coding in debugging mode I can see it is inserting as 01-04-2004.I dont know how
    come it is behaving strangely.No body have not changed any date settings either in system or at Backend.

    Iam thinking that OLEB Provider is not behaving properly.Can anybody have clue to answer me.Is it oracle problem

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    try inserting the field with the to_date operator like this

    INSERT INTO TAB_NAME (date_field) VALUES ( TO_DATE("01-04-2004", "DD-MM-YYYY")

    or convert the date to the database format "YYYY-MM-DD"

    hope this helps!

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    One small problem with the example, use single quotes, not double.

    INSERT INTO TAB_NAME (date_field) VALUES ( TO_DATE('01-04-2004', 'DD-MM-YYYY');
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