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    Talking Unanswered: Crystal ReportData Interface Error: Invalid TLV record (-2147206429) and Korean


    I am facing the error above when opening a Crystal Report using
    CRViewer under Korean language (an Windows 2000 prof Eng but changed in regional settings to Korean). Wenn I run it using English no
    problem but as soon as I change to Korean I get this error.
    I was using Crystal Reports 8.5 but I upgraded to 10 because of unicode support.
    I opened the report, made a database verfiy and saved it under
    Crystal Report 10. Then I tried to open the report with my application
    (Windows 2000 prof, Korean language settings) but I got the same fault
    "Crystal ReportData Interface Error: Invalid TLV record (-2147206429) as before.

    But I think I have to change the references to point to the right dll (which came with Crystal Reports 10)
    but which dlls are affected? Which dll is important in conjunction with unicode? Which dlls do I have to add to my VB6 project so that CRViewer can open this report?
    Do I have to add other dlls probably dlls which support Korean language?

    any help in this matter is highly appreciated



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    Recompile your app and make a new EXE, using the package and deployment wizard, with the 10.0 libraries and then your users should be able to avoid that particular error.

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