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    Unanswered: PHP interaction with multiple databases

    I am making a program and I want to give uses the options to use multiple DB's when they install like phpBB. I was wondering if anyone know of a site with a howto or tutorial about how I might go about doing this. I've compared the files with which phpBB accomplishes this and I'd like to know why it does some of the things it does. I'm also looking for a list of the differences between the databases and any SQL systacs differences there might be.

    ? 1 howto or tutorial about integration of multiple DB's

    ? 2 Syntacs differences between databases and any differences in the databases themselves.

    ? 3 Output differences of results. Are they compatable to eachother.

    Datbases using: MySQL, MS SQL, DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL .... More later or upon need by users

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    A quite easy to setup script that can handle the background database intergration is ADODB. It will provide with a unified set of commands.

    Your questions:
    1. The above script contains detailed instructions on how to implement different databases.
    2. For syntax differences between databases(queries) you have to consult the manual of each database and check on their variations from the standard SQL92 command set,
    3. The above program uses a unified class structure for all databases so all commands and their results are nearly identical to each other.

    There might be other scripts that do the same thing, AdoDB is just an example(another alternative would be either the phplib db abstraction classes or the relevant ones from pear).

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