I am beginner in PL/SQL and getting difficulty in executing following procedure ,i am going through one of book , please guide me
create or replace procedure total_salary
cursor employee_cur IS
select lname,salary,commision from employee;

v_last employee.lname%type;
v_sal employee.salary%type;
v_commi employee.commision%type;
v_total_sal employee.salary%type;

open employee_cur;
fetch employee_cur into v_last,v_sal,v_commi;
while employee_cur%found loop
v_total_sal := v_sal +nvl (v_commi,0);
if v_total_sal < 50000 then
dbms_output.put_line(v_last || 'makes $ ' || to_char (v_total_sal));

end if;
fetch employee_cur into v_last,v_sal,v_commi;
end loop;
close employee_cur;

I am typing this procedure in notepad and i dont know where to save and how to execute it;

Please help me