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So here is the problem:
One of our customers, running a Win2k Server SP4 with SQK2kSP2 and IIS (all on the same machine), is suddenly unable to connect to SQL2k through ASP via DSN using ODBC. They receive the following error:

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][TCP/IP Sockets]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

In order for the ASP to connect to SQL again, the only thing that seems to work is rebooting the server (restarting IIS alone doesn't help).

In an effort to try to isolate the problem to ODBC only, we found that at the same time that an ASP page can no longer connect, our Windows client, which uses OLE DB through ADO, continues to connect to the same DB without a problem. In addition, we've found that while in this state (prior to reboot), an attempt to create a new DSN to SQL using ODBC fails with the above mentioned error.

Our mission is to get enough of a grasp of the problem to be able to duplicate it in a controlled environment. We are currently riding on the hypothesis that ODBC connection pooling is the problem, but we've been unable to create a successful test for failure.

BTW: I originally started this post in the SQL Server forum because I'm trying to find any troubleshooting, statistical, or analytical tools that might help us pinpoint the problem, but one of members seemed to suggest that I try another forum.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions as to what the problem is or what tools can be used to help isolate the problem?

Thanks in advance.