I use the partition function to highlight what contracts are expiring in 30-day intervals. In the query, this works fine. But, in the report that runs off of this query, I frequently run into a "cannot find 90-104" or some such interval error. Here is the function:

Expr1: Partition(round(([tblContracts].[EndDate]-Now()),1),0,120,30)

This seems to happen when the previously run report (which had, say, a contract at one interval that generated the partition object for that interval) cannot subsequently find data to fill that earlier interval.

I would like to have the report dynamically come up with the intervals, just as the query does - both the data control as well as the text identifier. How does one accomplish this?

The end-user cannot be expected to appreciate the reason nor is it wise to have him/her correct the design of the report. The report has to be transparent to the user for this reason.

Would welcome suggestions.