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    Unanswered: multiple keyid refer another table get name

    hi, i got a little trouble with constructing this page.
    Hope someone here can guide me.

    i got this 10 column_id wanted to refer it name from another table
    but when i try to JOIN it always fail getting their name

    actually should be:
    ID1 | ID2 | ID3
    apple | oragne | grape

    i will paste it here

    PHP Code:
    $sql "SELECT *, ro_mob.mob_drop1id, 
    ro_item.item_name AS ro_mob_item_name

    FROM `ro_mob` ro_mob

    LEFT JOIN `ro_item` ro_item
    ON ro_mob.mob_drop1id = ro_item.item_id
    AND ro_mob.mob_drop2id = ro_item.item_id
    AND ro_mob.mob_drop3id = ro_item.item_id
    AND ro_mob.mob_drop4id = ro_item.item_id
    AND ro_mob.mob_drop5id = ro_item.item_id
    AND ro_mob.mob_drop6id = ro_item.item_id
    AND ro_mob.mob_drop7id = ro_item.item_id
    AND ro_mob.mob_drop8id = ro_item.item_id

    LIKE '
    $abc' ORDER BY '$order' DESC limit 0,30";

    $result mysql_query($sql);

    while ($r mysql_fetch_array($result)) {


    table structure of ro_item:
    CREATE TABLE `ro_item` (
      `item_id` int(8) NOT NULL default '0',
      `item_name` varchar(255) NOT NULL default '0',
      PRIMARY KEY  (`item_id`)
    ) TYPE=MyISAM;
    minimize structure of ro_mob:
    CREATE TABLE `ro_mob` (
     `mob_drop1id` int(8) NOT NULL default '0',
     `mob_drop2id` int(8) NOT NULL default '0',
      PRIMARY KEY  (`mob_id`)
    ) TYPE=MyISAM;
    This is the page working at getting the item ID into name refering to `ro_item`

    Thanks for helping in advance
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