we are using merge replication and have encountered a strange problem (unexpected conflict)


1 Publisher running SQL Server 2000 SP2
70 Subscribers running MSDE 2000 SP2


Dinamic filtered data: Each subscriber (sales p.) gets only the data related to his Areas (Table UserArea).
The User is determined by the host name of his PC.

when adding new areas to a user the replication works as expected, but removing areas from a user does not always work: in some cases the related data is removed correctly from the subscribers DB, but in some cases the replication reports a conflict that originates from the foreign key constraint fk_Contact_Customer, which prevents the record in table UserArea from being deleted. But there is no reason why the related records in Contacts could not be deleted, and no obvious difference between areas that replicate correct and others that don't.
When the subscriber is forced to reinitialize, the data from the problematic areas is removed correctly.

Please help.