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Thread: idle instance.

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    Exclamation Unanswered: idle instance.

    When I login as oracle in Redhat9, I can give any connection string (e.g toto/tata as sysdba) to sqlplus to be connect to an idle instance and startup my Oracle instance. After open the database, I can do any thing (change password for any user, ...), still be connect with wrong user.
    In my init.ora file I have this
    I wanted only to connect with "sys/syspswd as sysdba" to start my instance.
    How could I do please?

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    If you belong to the same group as the Oracle software owner and you log into the server and connect to the database as sysdba then the password file will be ignored since you have been authenticated at the O/S level. This only applies to users who belong to this group; other users connecting as sysdba will be authenticated using the password file.

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