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    Unanswered: access quits with no warning by itself after inactivity

    I am using access XP with SP3 (just installed) on win2000. It has always done it, but i thought that sp3 might fix it, but it hasnt.

    I have this problem where access sometimes just quits out. There are no warnings to say its going, and it hasn't crashed. Im not running any queries or anything when it does it, its just sitting there, one minute its there, and the next its not!

    the items on the task bar disappear, its not running in the task manager and all my changes since i last saved are gone!

    Does anyone else have this problem?

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    I've rarely seen that, and usually its some error I caused during development.

    Here are a couple of ideas.
    See Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 289508
    HOW TO: View the Error Signature from Office Application Error Reporting If Program Quits Unexpectedly.

    Also/or, create a form to leave open and running. Create an 'on unload event' that will write the current err.number and err.description into a table when the event is triggered (when the event is unloaded). This may capture some info for you, I don't know.

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    no there was no log for the application crashing as i dont think it is actually crashing. all very strange..... anyone else with any bright ideas?

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    I am experiencing the same exact problem on a WinXP Pro machine with Access 2002. Any help is most appreciated.

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    Check one thing,

    See you DB administrator and see if they possibly installed a program that boots you out of Access after a certain amount of inactivity. They may use it and you not know it.
    check and see,


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