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    Unanswered: Handle hugh tables


    we track all the messages we send to our customers in a single table.

    This table is also highly frequented as our collegues lookup the current state of the message quite often.

    Our problem is the table will be very huge in a short time. We run this tracking now for one month and have more than 800,000 records in it.

    Well usually sybase has no problems to handle big tables as we have some tables containing over 130 million records but especially for performance I want to keep this table as small as possible.

    Do you think automatically create a table for e.g. each month would be a clever solution?

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    Only the usefull pages are on cache. Perhaps try to partition it.

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    What data is queried. Is it the most recent one moth data or 2 months or more. e.g. we have a situation where in our txn table we keep data for 6 months and then there is an archival job which archives the table for anything older than 180 days. This is because we know most of the queries will be from txn table not from archive table. And we have a separate report/query access for archive table. This way user is prepared for the delay when he pulls the report from archive table.

    Keeping separate table for each month will be difficult to maintain, but then again depends on the requirement.


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