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    Unanswered: Data from one table to another when using a form.


    I was having trouble with this problem last night and received some help however I still can't get it to work. My problem is below. Any further assistance would be great, especially if it is in simple speak. Taa.

    I am writing a database to manage my drink machines.

    I have 3 tables.

    The first table contains a list of the different drinks. (coke, pepsi etc).

    The second table contains the machine number and the different drinks it sells. Usually only 3 different types. So it has MachineID (Primary Key), Drink1, Drink2 and Drink3. The Drink1,2 and 3 are refenced to the drink types via a lookup table.

    The third table is the one which records the sales.

    What I want to happen is to write a form which collects the drink types from Table 2 and puts them into Table 3 automatically so I just have to enter the number of drinks sold.

    However, when I try to construct the form, I always have to use the drop down box to select the types of drinks in the each machine.

    Any assistace would be greatly appreciated. Please make your advice in simple speak as I am a rank beginner.


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    Create a query which links necessary tables together. Then build a form using the query.

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