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    Unanswered: Task Center Error

    I am running DB2 Enterprise Eddition Version 8 with no fix paks( Im D/L Fixpak 5 as we type) Im running on Windows 2003 server with no Service pack (dont know that there is one yet) Every time I try to schedual a task through the controle center I get the following error.
    SQL22282N The scheduler is unable to access the Tools Catalog Database. Reason code = "1" and SQLCODE "-567".

    I have gone through the help and made sure the schema is asociated with the instance and the right database is set up. I have made sure that my id was in the admin group with both databases (the tools DB and the DB im tring to schedual a task for). Im lost at this point. Im new to DB2 so I know its probably something very simple. Any help would be great.

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    Re: Task Center Error

    Have you checked the admin cfg variables
    to see if they are pointing to the correct
    toolsdb and toolscatalog?

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    If u have not create the tools catalog, use following command to create
    create tools catalog <catalog name> use existing tablespace <a 32 k tablespace> in database <db name> force

    You should create one 32k system temp tablespace also.

    If u have created the tools catalog, make sure u have set following parameter with following cmmand,

    db2 -v update admin cfg using sched_enable on
    db2 -v update admin cfg using toolscat_inst <yr instance name>
    db2 -v update admin cfg using toolscat_db <database which have tools catalog>
    db2 -v update admin cfg using toolscat_schema <schema which have tools catalog>

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