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Thread: MySQL - OSX

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    Unanswered: MySQL - OSX

    Hi there ladies/gents!

    I am trying to install MYSQL on OSX. and is plagued with the following error:

    The Objective: To be able to just type "mysql" to access the "mysql" command. instead of typing the full path: shell> /Library/MySQL/bin/mysql

    After trying to install MySQL I made an attempt to add the directory "/Library/MySQL/bin" to $PATH environment variable in the shell.
    (I am actually using a ".tcshrc" shell).

    The manual said:
    You will have to modify the file ".tcshrc" located within your home directory.

    I could not locate that file

    The next step was to create a new one.

    "I really dont know how to do this"
    Could anyone provide me with some step by step tips in order to achieve this?

    Help is greatly appreciated...

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    if you want apply mod on all user you can edit the file /etc/profile adding the path of mysql

    you must have root permission (use sudo)

    otherwise you can insert in you profile, from your terminal:
    echo export PATH=\$PATH:/Library/MySQL/bin > .tcshrc

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