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    Unanswered: Two forms, one query, one report?

    Basic question (hopefully not too stupid)...

    I have two forms containing basically the same information (but two forms are definitely needed). I need to be able to run several reports from both forms (based on whatever number is showing on the form). I am having trouble telling my query that I want it to choose the field from the current form, not the specific form. In other words, instead of [forms].[formname].[ID#], I would like to have it look at whatever form is open. Is this possible?


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    There are several ways to do this.

    One way is to reference the active form, which is given in the Screen Object.


    Dim frmCurrentForm As Form
    Set frmCurrentForm = Screen.ActiveForm


    You could wrap this code in a function and us it as a criteria for the recordsource of the report.

    Another way, the DoCmd.OpenReport statement has a WHERE clause on it, which is essentially a criteria which gets applied to the recordsource of the report.

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