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    Unanswered: Subform combobox field value not visible

    I have a data entry form with several tabbed pages, some of them sub-forms. Some of these have fields that are comboboxes with a value list selection or a table/query. The value list has about four or five selections.

    I have tested the form and its sub-forms with several row entries, and they work. The associated tables have recorded the record, with the correct combobox value list selections.

    At the top of the main form, I have an unbound combobox to pull up records for edit purposes. The combo displays the key field from the table associated with the main form and pulls up the selected record using the AfterUpdate event for the combo and the OnOpen event on the main form. So far so good; everything works like a peach.

    However, when I pull up a particular record using the combo and tab to the sub-form where I had previously entered a combobox value (that is recorded in its associated table), the field is blank. Another tabbed sub-form which has a similar feature works fine (and displays the previous selection for the selected record), but not this one. I've checked both subform properties and they are the same.

    What's going on?

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    My be you must do a requery for both subform in the event afterupdate of the combo.

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