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    Unanswered: Importing text file to access

    I need your help in the following:
    I have an external text file that containes of three filelds (Operand,Symbol,Comment).
    I built in access a corresponed table that has the same records,and linked it to another table that has more information about the Operand like (Operand descript ,Value,...).
    If I update in access table I'll export it to the text file to be updated after my changes,this is the easy side.
    The problematic side is the importing of the file to the table.If I change
    data in the text file the access table has to be updated also,so I am importing it,but access always append the file to the table and this is wrong.
    My question: is how I can make somthing similar to linking access table to text file?
    Maybe any one give me a link to a chatroom and time in order to get immediate solutions to the problem .
    Thanks allot and best regards...

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    Try deleting your old table prior to reading in new data. Or if you are concerned w/ coordinating tables old and new. You may need to find out what is different in the new table and only add the new. For the latter method your find unmatched/duplicate query wizard should be a tool.

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    What I would do is when you have an updated Text file you import it into a new table and either through queries and VBa routine, you compare the recors and make the proper changes. The assumption here is that you have a unquie identifier that stays the says and can be used to reference between you Orginal table and the new table.


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    You CAN link to a Text file.

    Select File >> Get External Data >> Link Tables

    and in the associated dialog box, under the Files of Type combobox, select Text Files.

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