Hello all...
I am trying to work with MySQL as a newbie, coming from SQL Server. I have read the documentation and can't figure this one out though! Essentially, if someone could provide me with a 'real world' example, I would be a happy guy!

I want to input a username (say the number is 123456789) and I want it to output a 'yesno' field....

select count(*) as yesno from mydb.customer where username=<input value here of 123456789>

In SQL Server, it is something like
@uname INT
select Count(*) as yesno from customer where username=@uname

Can anyone help me?!?! Hope so, cause MySQL looks to be a nice program other wise... also, I am on version 5.0 alpha because from what I read, that is the version I need to be on for stored procedures. Alternatively, there might be a better suggestion that someone could lend...