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    Exclamation Extremely experienced programmer for hire

    My over 20 years hands-on experience comes from computer programming for United Nations, US Navy, US Air Force, GE, Nokia, Kraft Foods in conjunction with my work for Universities, Banks, Insurances, Software and Dotcom companies. I'm a whiz with C++, C#, .NET, Visual Basic, ASP, Java, JSP, Delphi, HTML, XML, XSLT, Cold Fusion, PHP, Flash, SQL and Oracle. Proven track record bringing projects from the conception stage through to completion. I specialize in completing computer projects that no one else can finish and consistently on schedule and within budget.
    Please see my portfolio at

    I will be happy to provide more details, references and etc...

    Boris Bord
    Sr. Software Engineer

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    Hello Boris,

    First of all, very professional web site you have. It is really good, and I'm sure it was a lot of hard work and time put in to complete that design.

    Secondly, I own a web hosting company. I offer a lot of Free hosting to clients however make no money in return. Therefore I am stressing over money to purchase more space and make payments onto the dedicated server we own. Therefore, I am considering on adding some advertisements to my site. However I don't want this to make or effect any of my paying clients. Therefore, I need some how to code it where it will only show advertisements to free members. We use cPanel 9 and WHM 9. I can either have them in the customers cPanel/WHM or I can have it on the main site. Thing is about the main site though, I don't want potential customers seeing the advertisements and not wanting to host with us because of them. Therefore, I'm up for suggestions on this as well.

    Therefore my question is, would this be possible? If so, how much would it cost me to have this done? And therefore, I'm wondering on the time expected to complete this project.

    Ryan Poarch
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    Please contact me via e-mail and support me with more details

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