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    Unanswered: SQL query

    I need your help. (I'm new in SQL programming).
    I have an external text file that has the following records (Operand,Symbol,Comment).
    I Access I have the same Operands table with the same records,and another table that linked to the Operands table and has more details like (Value,Description...).
    When I import the file to the OPerands table Access appends the file contents to the table),so here waht I want to do I'll ask now only the first step because the others has similar solution).
    1.First I'll run Duplicated query on the three records t.
    2.Second I'll leave on of the duplicated records and delete the others,and now I have only the new records that have been imported to access.
    My question:If you can help me to write VB SUB that makes the two steps with SQL statments.
    Public Sub Match(Operands As String) ---> {Operands is the the Access table}
    End Sub
    Thanks allot of your help and best regards

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    Make life easier for yourself. Make a duplicate query using the duplicates wizard. Go to design view mode "SQL" and see your SQL statement(s). If you want to manipulate the statements cut and paste them in the proper procedure. You would need to add the code to execute the sql. Many samples on this forum.

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