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    Question Unanswered: ... How to Sum a Column of Numbers in a Report by Page ? ...


    Are there other way ?

    because i have used this solution but have a problem about click next page on report.

    the value as calculated from this solution will incorrect when click next page on report.

    Therefore I could not preview before print !

    I would solve by use acViewNormal as print not preview . (previousness i would use acViewPreview to preview before print)

    I want to know other way to "Sum a Column of Numbers in a Report by Page" ...

    Anyone know ?
    (because I need preview the report before print but the solution of microsoft has a problem ...)

    Another question ...
    How can i coding to show the Print option (The Print option that appeared when type CTRL+P on report)

    please tell me ^^
    I am using winxp pro and access2k sp3 thai

    Thank you very much

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    For your last question, To bring up the print dialog box in VBA code use:

    DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdPrint

    For your first question...thats gonna be a lot more long winded

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