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    Talking Unanswered: copy command in oracle sql

    hi to all,

    I have 2 database. one is local,another one is oversea.
    Now i want copy data from local database to oversea database.
    here is my command , is it correct or not, pls check for me thank.

    i run this command at local database (transferlocal/999@Alocal)

    copy from transferlocal/999@Alocal to trnsferovs/246@ovr insert into m_freg using select * from m_freg where freg_doc ='AA123456'


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    To specify a database in the FROM or TO clause, you must have a valid username and password for the local and remote database(s) and know the appropriate Net8 service name(s). COPY obeys Oracle security, so the username you specify must have been granted access to tables for you to have access to tables. When you copy to your local database from a remote database, you can omit the TO clause. When you copy to a remote database from your local database, you can omit the FROM clause. When you copy between remote databases, you must include both clauses. However, including both clauses benefits the readibility of your scripts.

    It seems ur copy command is ok.

    (No need to search web before posting new question)

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