I've got a tab control with 3 pages, all of them are showing data related to the record on the form, but from different tables. The form shows data for one month at a time, and some months have no data. As I scroll through the months, the controls on the tabs are disabled if the month has been flagged as complete (ie all the required data has been entered for that month by the users - this is usually a few weeks into the following month).

The third page of the control is showing data from a table which contains the data about when the month was flagged as complete - if the month is falgged as complete all controls on all the tabs are disabled to prevent the data from being changed. If I scroll from a locked month (data exists in the underlying table for page 3) to unlocked month (no data exists in the underlying table for page 3), even if I've got page 3 visiible, page 1 or 2 is made visible, but tab 3 is still in front ie the controls from the other pages are displayed but the tab stays the same.

I've tried disabling the controls in a different order and having a control on each tab which never gets disabled but I still get this awkward tab 'switching'.

Any ideas?