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    Unanswered: Failing to install ORACLE 8.1.6/8.1.7 on Microsoft Windows 2003 Server (Ent.Ed.).

    I am trying to install Oracle, Ver.8.1.6 (or 8.1.7) on a system running Microsoft Windows 2003 Server (Enterprise Edition), which is running into a Microsoft Virtual PC session (I suppose this should not make any difference). I log on as Administrator. When the installation process reaches the point of configuring the listener and creating a database, the system goes on and on endlessly and never completes the job (I have to kill it by using the Task Manager). The same thing happens when I try to create a database after installing the server by using the wizard (no data-files are created into the "c:\oracle\oradata\orcl" directory, although the wizard creates a service named OracleServiceORCL into the Operating System). After the database creation process fails to complete, I also cannot delete the "OracleServiceORCL" item from the OS services table. Does anybody know how I can resolve this? Isn't ORACLE 8.1.6/8.1.7 compatible with MS Windows 2003 Server? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Panos,

    There is no version of Oracle8i that is certified against Windows 2003 Server.

    Only Oracle 9.2 and 10g are certified.

    See the certification matrix at

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