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    Unanswered: Archive log housekeeping


    Is there any way of calculating how many archived logs can be saved for the database while the rest deleted to make sure that a full recovery can occur?

    For example is a days worth of archive logs enough?



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    Your data is only as good as your last GOOD backup...
    If you just finish an OFFLINE backup, and it is GOOD (ie, I just put it to tape, but the drive ate the tape ...) then the archives are of no value. If you are doing ONLINE backups, then you need the archives to recover.
    At my clients sites, I have the luxury of bringing the databases down once a week. I remain all archives to .OLD once a week. Next week, the .OLD's will be removed and the .ARC renamed to .OLD ...


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    Through RMAN it is very easy. RMAN deletes any obsolete archive logs.

    Make a full backup
    Verify backup.
    issue delete obsolete command

    all done.

    If you want to know the benefits of RMAN vs. manual then please search for the thread on that. We already had a discussion which listed the positives and negatives of each.
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