I have to migrate a Informix database from Unix enviornment to SQL SERVER 2000. They are in two saperate box. I have few questions regarding that

1) how do you start the database(informix) in unix enviorment?

2)How do you setup enviorment variables?(or do I need to set up enviornment variable)).

3)How do you export data (I know we can use dbexport in unix prompt)?

4) can I be able to run that .sql file in .exp directory in SQl Server query analyzer?

5)Can I convert those .unl file to .txt file and then do a import in Sql Server 2000.

I will really appreciate if some one give me some clue ASAP. I have to do this with in a week so that the old system can be retired.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Moloy Bagchi