I am relatively new to php and mysql and here is what I would like to do. I have a mysql table with the curriculum vitae (CV) information of about 50 researchers. I would like each researcher to be able to edit and update his/her information. In order to do this I need to create a membership system for the researchers to access their respective CV page.

Before I do anything I want to plan this out, hopefully with a little help of more experienced developers and programmers. So I am open to any ideas.

This is the thing that stumps me the most right now:

Right now I have a CV table (with all the curriuculum vitae information) and need to create a users table that will somehow link with the CV table. Eventually, what I would like is with a login and password (that they choose) they will automatically open their CV page. These are the questions I have:
What fields in the user table should I use to link the user table with the CV table?
Once that is established, how, by providing their login and password can I direct them to their own page to update? Should one of the fields in one of the tables contain the (already existing) address of their CV page?

I think once I can figure this out, the other stuff will not be so difficult.

Would greatly appreciate your suggestions.