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    Unanswered: Problem with my er diagram

    This is my first post here, hope you guys will help me
    Basically, im working on a problem:

    Theres a university which operates a number of courses. There are a number of schools in the university. Each school is responsible for one or more courses. A course is a property of a single school. A number of lecturers work for each school. Lecturers work for one school only. School operates a number of modules. A module is associated witha single school. Lecturers teach on the modules. Typically a lecturer teaches more than one module and a module is taught by more than one lecturer. A module is associated with one lecturer who is the module leader for that module. A lecturer may be the module leader for more than one module. A course is made up of many modules. and the same same module may appear on many courses. a school can be responsible for a module that is taught on a course owned by a different school. student at the uni enroll on a course and take many modules. A student at any one time can be enrolled on one course.

    ok, so thats the problem. I have made the er diagram but i think there is a mistake in the relationships between module, course and school. i THINK a ternary relation exists between them. im attaching the er diagram ive made. hope you help me correct it.

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