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    Red face Unanswered: server cache is too small for this database

    Hi All,

    I'm using ianywhere 8.X. Whenever i start the database server, im getting the following messages.

    Note: A cache size of 63216K exceeds the available physical memory of 49528K. A performance penalty may result.
    63216K of memory used for caching
    Minimum cache size: 2048K, maximum cache size: 223888K
    Using a maximum page size of 16384 bytes


    Server cache size is too small for this database

    Kindly suggest me a solution.

    Im not specifying any start up parameters for the DBServer.

    thanks & regards,

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    ASA cache mostly is self managed. In your case with limited physical memory, there may be a performance penalty. Which is what you are seeing.

    You should use -cl and -ch option to startup.

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