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    Question Unanswered: SybaseConnection Problem

    i used sybase ver11.5
    and use odbc or oledb connection to connect the db
    but the connection always be broken,
    in this condition the server even can't be contact with ping command
    seval minutes later,the server can be connected again.
    and if i use "ping serverip -t" to ping the server continuously
    the connection is ok.
    who can tell me what's the reason,maybe the wrong configuration??

    any answer is appreciated

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    unless you ping the listener port, pinging just to the host really is meaningless.

    Check if the ping to the listener port reponds. In most situations, server will have some sort of Error about any broken connection in the likes of Error: 16xx(1605, 1608). Check the log check if you are exceeding the open files, connections etc...

    Remember for any connection to ASE there are no timeouts unless set at the client end.

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